Coorg – The Scotland of India

Pioneer Epaper :

Pioneer Epaper: Coorg is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka. Coorg is a mountainous district in southwestern Karnataka near the Western Ghats, with elevations ranging from 900 to 1715 meters above sea level. It is known as both the Scotland of India and the Kashmir of Karnataka. The atmosphere here is stunning. If you enjoy trekking, there is a place near Mandalpatti where you can go trekking with friends. Coorg is India’s largest coffee producer. The temperature here ranges from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. If you want to go by flight then you can land at Mangalore airport and reach Coorg. it is one of the best place in India that you must visit at least once. You will feel as if you are in heaven if you visit this location.

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Coorg is very beautiful to visit during the monsoon season; however, we recommend that you research the weather forecast before planning a trip.

Best places of coorg :

1.Abbey Falls :

Abbey Falls coorg

also known as Abbi Falls. Abbey Falls is 8 kilometers from Madikeri. During the rainy season, the view is breathtaking. If you enjoy nature, you should visit during the rainy season.

2. Mandalpatti

mandalpatti Coorg

Mandalpatti is the best place to go trekking if you’re looking for a place to stay. You can go trekking with your friends here and admire the natural beauty. The months of October and March are ideal for trekking here.

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3.Mallalli falls

mallalli falls ,Coorg

Mallalli falls is located in the northern part of the Kodagu district.The main source of water for this waterfall is the Kumardhara river.The Mallalli falls are best visited during the monsoon season, when there is plenty of water in the falls. The surrounding greenery is also at its peak at this time. , It is best to visit between the months of July and December.

4.Chiklihole Reservoir

chiklihole reservoir,Coorg

Chiklihole Reservoir, located between Madikeri and Kushalnagar, is a must-see attraction. It is approximately 15 kilometres from Kushalnagar and Madikeri. Nanjaraypattan is the closest town to the reservoir. Chiklihole Dam was constructed on one of the Kaveri River’s tributaries.

5.Dubare Elephant Camp

dubare elephant camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is located in Coorg on the banks of the Kaveri River. If you enjoy wildlife, this is an excellent destination for you. You can spend a lot of time with the elephants here. This location is ideal for children.The best time to visit Dubare Elephant Camp is in the morning, when elephant rides and baths are available.

How to reach Coorg :

By Air:

Mangalore airport is the closest. 160 kilometres from the city It is simple to travel from Mangalore to Coorg by bus or taxi.

By Rail:

Mysore is the nearest railway station. Mysore railway station is 100 kilometres from Coorg. The hill station is accessible by bus and road.

By Road:

Mangalore, 160 kilometres away, is the closest city. and Mysore is 100 kilometres away

Coorg’s best homestays

  1. Anirvaa
  2. Sri nidhi estate stay
  3. Tanglewoods
  4. Vaishnavi estate
  5. Honeypot homes
  6. Gowri nivas
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Best Luxury Hotel in Coorg

  1. coorg wilderness resort
  2. evolve back coorg
  3. The tamara
  4. The serai kabini
  5. old kent estates coorg

Per Day Budget For Coorg-

Budget for Luxury Travel:

Cost – 15-25 k Per day

Facility-Include Food,Travel, and Other Activities

Travel on a Mid-Range Budget:

Cost – 5k-10 K Per Day

Facility-  Food

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