Sports cars hold a special place amongst automobile enthusiasts globally. These thoroughbred performance machines promise unmatched speed, acceleration and driving pleasure. Japanese auto giant Nissan has showcased some thrilling sports car concepts recently that provide a glimpse into the company’s electric future. Although Nissan sports cars are not currently sold in India, there is always the possibility of niche, limited edition models being introduced down the line. In this article, we will take a look at 3 exciting Nissan sports cars and what they could potentially cost if launched in the Indian market.

Nissan Z – An Affordable Classic Sports Coupe

The Nissan Z has cultivated a cult following across generations as an affordable sports coupe since its debut in 1969. Now in its 6th generation, the latest Nissan Z went on sale internationally in 2022. Key details regarding the new Z are:


  • Starts at $39,990 (around ₹32.5 lakhs) in the US


  • 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol
  • 400hp power & 350lb-ft torque
  • 6-speed manual & 9-speed automatic transmissions


  • 0-100kmph in under 5 seconds
  • Top speed – 270kmph


  • Retro-modern styling pays homage to previous generations
  • LED headlamps, 19-inch alloy wheels, dual exhausts


  • 8-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • 12-speaker Bose audio system
  • Heads-up display, dual-zone climate control

Estimated India pricing: ₹65 lakhs – ₹75 lakhs

The new Z is a tempting combination of retro charm, thrilling performance and modern connectivity. If Nissan manages to localize assembly, the Z’s India price tag may be reduced to around ₹55-65 lakhs. At that price, it would tempt hardcore enthusiast and collectors alike.

Nissan GT-R – Premium Super Sports Car

The legendary Nissan GT-R needs no introduction amongst sports car aficionados. Often regarded as the Japanese Porsche 911, the GT-R has been setting performance benchmarks since 2007. Here’s an overview of the latest GT-R:


  • Starts at $113,540 (around ₹92.5 lakhs) in the US


  • 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6
  • 565hp power & 467lb-ft torque
  • 6-speed dual-clutch automatic


  • 0-100kmph in under 3 seconds
  • Top speed – 315kmph


  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Functional aerodynamic elements
  • Large alloys, quad exhausts


  • 8-inch touchscreen, Bose audio
  • Nappa leather interiors
  • Multi-mode 4WD system

Estimated India pricing: ₹1.8 crores – ₹2.5 crores

The GT-R is an exotic supercar with mind-bending on-road performance. Its immense brand appeal can allow Nissan to price it upwards of ₹1.8 crores in India. The GT-R would be imported as a CBU and sold in extremely limited numbers.

Nissan Z Nismo – Hardcore Track Weapon

Alongside the standard Z, Nissan also offers a sharper, track-focused Nismo variant. The highlights of the Z Nismo are:


  • $59,990 (around ₹48.8 lakhs) in the US


  • 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6
  • 425hp power & 560Nm torque
  • 9-speed automatic


  • 0-100kmph in 3.6 seconds (est)
  • Top speed – 250kmph+


  • Beefed up aerodynamics including rear wing
  • Blacked-out styling elements
  • Lightweight 19-inch forged alloy wheels


  • Track-tuned suspension and steering
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Recaro sports seats

Estimated India pricing: ₹1 crore – ₹1.2 crores

The Z Nismo transforms the standard Z into an ultimate corner-carving machine. Limited edition imports could be priced around ₹1-1.2 crores in India. The Z Nismo would be the most exclusive model from Nissan, targetted only at hardcore driving enthusiasts.

Nissan HyperForce Concept – Next-Gen Electric GT-R?

At the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon, Nissan showcased an electric sports car concept called the HyperForce. The futuristic prototype is rumored to preview a next-gen, electrified Nissan GT-R. Here’s a quick look at its expected highlights:


  • Fully electric
  • Solid state batteries
  • All-wheel drive with torque vectoring


  • ~800hp power output
  • Sub-2 second 0-100kmph
  • Top speed ~350kmph


  • Aggressive, gaming-inspired design
  • Active aero elements
  • Glass roof canopy


  • Minimalist layout
  • Large panoramic digital displays
  • Racing-style steering wheel

India launch timeline:

2027-2030 (if greenlit for production)

Estimated pricing:

₹2.5 – 3 crores

As a next-generation electric halo car, the HyperForce could amplify Nissan’s EV ambitions. If produced, it would likely carry a stratospheric ₹2.5-3 crore price tag in India as the pinnacle Nissan model.

Key Takeaways

Nissan has showcased some hugely desirable sports cars like the new Z, GT-R and Z Nismo along with an electric HyperForce concept recently. While their India launch remains ambiguous currently, niche imports targeted at collectors and purists could certainly be a future possibility. Expected pricing for the Z, GT-R and HyperForce ranges between ₹65-75 lakhs, ₹1.8-2.5 crores and ₹2.5-3 crores respectively if they ever make their way here. For deep-pocketed enthusiasts, these Nissan icons would offer tremendous performance coupled with everyday usability and Japanese reliability. Even in limited numbers, their arrival would add excitement to India’s rapidly evolving sports car landscape.